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Chicken Lips
"Echoman Re-Echoed Vol 2: 3 Soaps In One"

The second in a series of limited remixes

This is the second in a series of limited remixed Chicken Lips singles with tracks taken from their debut album Echoman which were never released on 12" before. The Re-Echoed series will include exclusive new mixes from Mixem, Sieg Uber Die Sonne, Duncan Gray, Big Bear and Stompaphunk.
This release sees the classic "3 Soaps in One" which was a favourite on the original release of the Echoman album and now gets the remix treatment from Big Bear AKA Stevie "Fella" Kotey & Void and Burns from Brighton's Stompaphunk. Stevie Kotey is a seasoned producer and has had music on Disfunktion and Nuphonic. The Stompaphunk guys have remixed for the likes Playgroup and run there own label.

Written & Produced by Andrew Meecham & Dean Meredith.
Published by Kingsize Music.
(P) & (C) 2003 Lipservice

1. 3 Soaps In One [Original Album Version]
2. 3 Soaps In One [Big Bear's Dark Fader Dub]
3. 3 Soaps In One [Burns & Void Stompaphunk Mix]