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Chicken Lips
"Making Faces"

Chicken Lips return for their third studio album

After four years, countless hit remixes for the likes of Morcheeba, Tiga, The Kills and Playgroup, three huge preceding singles and a lot of blood, sweat and tears Chicken Lips return for their third studio album.
Entitled "Making Faces", this album is the production duo's first foray into full vocal territory and sees the veteran producers explore their soul, dub, funk, electro and disco leanings in their own inimitable style.
Teaming up with Spanish-based vocalist, Jonny Spencer, Stafford's (UK) Dean Meredith and Andy Meecham have yet again created a masterpiece, but for the first time songs are a key element of each and every track. Spencer's ability to sound like a wonderful mixture of David Bowie, Prince and Curtis Mayfield is pure aural delight while his songs are both vivid, surreal and packed with emotion as well as hooks.
'Thematically speaking, these songs are about love, upheaval and anxiety and overcoming the latter through the power of the former two. In short; changing your way of life can really put you back on the good foot and give you the opportunity to see the world from a new perspective.' comments Spencer on the rollercoaster of vibes and emotions on the album.
From the absurdity of "Sweet Cow" to the rousing, pick-me-up vibe of "Aim Fire" via the sexual undertones of "Loving Cup" - the lyrical content and production of "Making Faces" is a fresh twist on some of the most innovative sounds of the past forty years.
From conquering the rave scene of the late '80's early '90's as Bizarre Inc. to pioneering today's electro-house and punk funk sounds as Chicken Lips, Meredith and Meecham are one of music's most influential partnerships and "Making Faces" will only further that reputation.

Written by Andy Meecham, Dean Meredith & Jonny Spencer.
Produced by Andy Meecham & Dean Meredith.
Published by Mavor Music Ltd / Admin Bug Music.
(P) & (C) 2006 Lipservice

1. Sweet Cow
2. Without Sound
3. Hot Love
4. Lovin' Cup
5. Aim Fire (XDC)
6. Twiggy
7. White Dwarf
8. Motion Sickness