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Chicken Lips Presents Zeefungk
"Robot Eyes"

Lipservice is here, and thank goodness for that.

It is said that the music industry in 2009 is a hostile and unwelcoming place but Chicken Lips have been ones to pay too much heed to such negativity and so launch their brand spanking new imprint, Lipservice.
Some would say the Lips label is long overdue, but Lipservice is worth the wait as it promises the very best from augmented CL clan of Dean Meredith, Andy Meecham, Stevie Kotey and Johnny Spencer - a collective who have remixed just about everyone, spawned a thousand copycats and destroyed a few floors in the process.
The inaugural Lipservice release sees the chaps unleash Zeefungk, one of their most popular and rare guises. The A-side (yes, there'll be vinyl, kids) is occupied by "Robot Eyes" - a splendid slice of electro-disco-funk which is vintage Chicken Lips. Acid bass and loose drums combine with keys which progress wonderfully to create a really special piece of dancefloor tomfoolery.
Next up is "Feast of Freeks" (Stevie Kotey's Tape Edit), a new edit of a track featured on the bands now-classic "Extended Play" album but never released as a 12". The Bearfunk main man and all round gent delivers a tweaky, driving uptempo disco monster which climaxes in some trademark Kotey madness.
"Robot Lips" closes the packages and displays more of the guys unreal keyboard work as the groove stays steady but the hands go hyper. Riddled with vintage synth work, "Robot Lips" is heads down business and no mistake.

Written & Produced by Andrew Meecham & Dean Meredith.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2009 Lipservice

1. Robot Eyes
2. Feast Of Freeks [Kotey's Tape Edit]
3. Robot Lips