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Chicken Lips Presents Gino Studio
"Autobot & Shazbot"

Gino Studio was Born Dec 12th 1971 in Filadelfia in Paraguay. Italian Father.

Gino Studio was Born Dec 12th 1971 in Filadelfia in Paraguay. Italian Father. He currently lives in Venice, which is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Italy. Winding canals, gondolas, and narrow streets and of course the spectacular Piazza San Marco and cathedral. Hiding in the shadows is our man Gino Fontaine, content with not seeing any daylight whatsoever, he would rather spend his time being immersed by synthesizers and vinyl.
Gino first met Andy Chicken Lips after he played in Venice. Gino came along to the Gig, plonked himself at the front and passed a copy of his CD to Andy wrapped up as a present with a spliff attached for some easy listening. "I gave Andy a copy of my demo CD and asked him if he would consider helping me with some production and thought nothing of it unit i got an email from Andy saying he thought my synths/riffs sounded good but were "just a bit too shiny" I think his words were, and that he wanted to help me put together an album for the new LIPSERVICE label he was involved in with Dean Meredith and Stevie Kotey".
Gino came to Andy's studio in December 2009 to copy all his files onto his Mac so he could start to re create some of his riffs with the analogue originals. The first two tracks sound so much better than the demos cant wait until the whole lp is complete, its a big job re-playing all Gino's riffs and trying to steer it away from the Emperor Machine sound but so far so good! Although they have mostly a cyber relationship Gino and Andy got on really well when they met up and their music made sense.
Andy is also trying out some vocalists on some of the tracks ,the LP is planed to be finished for the summer lets hope so. In the time being these first two vinyl cuts "Autobot" and "Shazbot" will keep your oscillators firing.

Written & Produced by Gino Fontaine.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2010 Lipservice

1. Autobot
2. Shazbot