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Randee Jean
"You Got It"

Lipservice Records' next instalment is Randee Jean.

Not much is known about Randee, but we know one thing for sure Randee has a whole lot of soul.
The "Caribbean Edit" has sexy live bass, moody Rhodes piano and a horn section Muscle Shoals would be proud of. Combine this with a heavy disco break all the way from Trinidad and we have a jam that will keep you bump n hustlin' all night long.
Next up on remix duties The Rhythm Odyssey brings a host of mixes from his studio. First up his "Celestial Sphere Mix" starts with dirty tr808 drums and electric piano then builds into a heavy galactic spaced out monster with swirling chords, moog riffs and those fizzy hi hats; nice!
The "Celestial Dub" strips it back and lets the bass line do all the talking. Finally The Rhythm Odyssey "Express Dub" takes it deeper; 303 bass, a heavy train shuffle to the rhythm track and horn-like dubbed out synth stabs Kyle Hall fans will enjoy.
Ladies and gentlemen, Randee Jean....

Written & Produced by Andrew Meecham & Dean Meredith.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2013 Lipservice

1. You Got It
2. You Got It [The Rhythm Odyssey Celestial Sphere Mix]
3. You Got It [The Rhythm Odyssey Celestial Sphere Dub]
4. You Got It [The Rhythm Odyssey Celestial Sphere Instrumental Mix]
5. You Got It [The Rhythm Odyssey Express Dub]
6. You Got It [Instrumental]
7. You Got It [Carribean Edit]