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Chicken Lips Presents The Rhythm Odyssey
"Move Groove"

Is "The Rhythm Odyssey" the last true bastion of the original house sound?

Is "The Rhythm Odyssey" the last true bastion of the original house sound? Many try to re-create the production ethos of the late 80's but so many are easily tempted by the slick production tricks and plug-ins that today's music makers have at their finger tips.
The Rhythm Odyssey only works with the same primitive equipment he started using in 1987 so the style and approach remain the same.
The Rhythm Odyssey is Dean Meredith, he of Chicken Lips and Bizarre Inc fame. His bohemian approach to music making means at some point in the last 20 years you've probably heard some of his music on a very late night in a hot sweaty club or maybe with your hands in the air in a dirty warehouse around the M25.
"Move Groove" draws on the wealth of experience Dean has in creating spine tingling house music. This club banger has all the hallmarks of classic house. A relentless piano riff teases an overweight electronic bass; this is all topped off with Dean's trademark, crisp Chi-town drums. Then we hand "Move Groove" over for some remix action. Eric D aka Dr Dunks of Rub & Tug fame, Rudy's Midnight Machine and hot new talent Vermin step up to the challenge. Eric D goes for the disco break approach. He inserts riffs at will and brings an NYC block party feel to the cut. Vermin warms up his trusted 808 to spice up the proceedings with heavy interpretation of this track. Then Rudy's Midnight Machine deliver a sassy club friendly mix that extends the vibe of the original whilst adding lush pads that sharpen the track right up.

Written and Produced by Dean Meredith.
Recorded and Mixed at Rogue Cat Sound.
Additional Production & Remix on Vermin's Blackout Remix by Valley Ermin for Peace In The Valley Productions. Austin Texas.
Additional Production on Dr Dunks Mix by Eric Duncan.
Additional Production on Rudys Midnight Remix Mix by Robin Lee.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2010 Lipservice Records

1. Move Groove [Warehouse Mix]
2. Move Groove [Dr Dunks Remix]
3. Move Groove [Vermin's Blackout Remix]
4. Move Groove [Rudy's Midnight Machine Remix]
5. Move Groove [Rudy's Midnight Machine Dub]