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Chicken Lips Presents The Rhythm Odyssey
"Metaphysical Translation"

Lipservice are back with The Rhythm Odyssey's debut LP "Metaphysical Transition".

Hot on the heels of the Chicken Lips "Experience of Malfunction" LP Lipservice are back on the money with The Rhythm Odyssey's debut LP "Metaphysical Transition".
Dean Meredith is one of the most consistent producers on the planet. The man has a prodigious career that spans over 20 years and his name regularly appears next to club classics such as Bizarre Inc. or more recent classics such as Chicken Lips, but Dean also finds time to produce lo-fi analogue gems that are often drenched in tropical percussion that can be found on his work of White Light Circus for DC Recordings and Goat Dance for Bearfunk.
So where are we at with The Rhythm Odyssey? Well it's all about the inspiration that oozes from some of Dean's most heartfelt favourites such as Trax Records as heard on "Musiquebox" and "Amsterdam Boots", both obviously are a nod in Mr Ron Hardy's direction. The sound of Prelude records is also unleashed on the amazingly authentic "Right On Up (For Love)" which sees Dean hook up with vocalist Charmaine Baines and she absolutely nails this song!
"Tighten Up" and "Get To The Sauce" are literally stripped down to the bare bones with drums, synthesisers and FX heavy vocals that just ride the groove.
"Move Groove" shows us the nostalgic side of The Rhythm Odyssey; it's all hands in the air breakdowns and dainty piano riffs. Beware though as "Move Groove" also has a killer bassline which is currently tearing up dancefloors right now!
"Desire", another Trax style banger which was previously released in 2009, gets an overhaul and "Disconfunction" is a beautifully crafted nod to the disco dub sound of Dennis Bovell. All together this LP covers a vast array of influences and sounds and is perfect for those sweaty late nights in the basement.

Written, Produced, Arranged and Mixed by Dean Meredith.
Published by Copyright Control.
Additional Synthesizers, Bass guitar and Rhythm Guitar Licks on tracks 3,4,9,10 by the Gino Fontaine.
Vocals on Track 9 by Charmaine Baines .
Mastered By Walter Coelho @ Masterpiece.
(P) & (C) 2011 Lipservice Records

1. Intro
2. Shower Show
3. Get To The Sauce
4. Tighten Up
5. Amsterdam Boots
6. Musiquebox
7. Desire Pt. 2
8. Move Groove [Album Edit]
9. Right On Up (For Love)
10. Disconfuntion