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Chicken Lips
"She Fish"

The Lipservice bandwagon rolls into town with yet another musical extravaganza.

We've put together a rather tasty single package of one of the standout tracks from Chicken Lips's amazingly nostalgic "Experience of Malfunction" LP. "She Fish" found its way into the playlists of many DJ's and radio shows alike. The vocal paring of Jonny Spencer and Jael Levi offers a sexy and intense vocal throughout. Their call and response style is a marriage made in funk heaven.
Dean and Andy stretch things a little further with their "Extended version" which also gives us unheard bass and synth parts. Next up new Lipservice signings The Main Stem go wild with their stunning Country Fishing trip remix (watch out for their new LP) . You know when you see the words Zeefungk on a Chicken Lips production it means that the music is aimed firmly in the DJ's direction. The Zeefungk warehouse dub captures some of Jael Levi's sultry Spanish vocals and creates a 1988 piano led dungaree wearing, curtains hairstyle rave banger that wouldn't sound out place next to the classics like Sandee "Notice Me".
But that's not all folks! we even manage to squeeze a totally savage Rhythm Odyssey remix which is aptly titled as his Dirty Tape Edit. More late night shenanigans from the Rhythm Odyssey, stripped back, minimal and groovy. For those of you who like to procure you music online or in other words can't be arsed to go to the record shop, we've got an extra special treat from the man of the moment Leo Zero who makes a lovely poppy remix that is sure to be big hit this summer.

Written by Andrew Meecham, Dean Meredith & Jonny Spencer.
Produced by Andrew Meecham & Dean Meredith.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2011 Lipservice

1. She Fish [Extended 12" Version]
2. She Fish [The Main Stem Country Fishing Trip]
3. She Fish [Zeefungk Warehouse Dub]
4. She Fish [Rhythm Odyssey Dirty Tape Edit]
5. She Fish [Extended 12" Inst Version]
6. She Fish [Leo Zero Remix]